Automated gates have huge advantages over manual gates. An automated gate eliminates the hassle that comes with large and heavy manual gates that many people struggle with or just do not want to get out of their car to open and close especially late at night or in bad weather. Just the press of a button on a remote control allows you easy access to your home.

Intercoms and Video entry systems
Visitors can use an intercom at the gates to contact you before you admit them. A handset in the house allows you to push a button to open the gates. If preferred you can have a video entry system that allows you to see who is calling as well as speaking to them before opening the gates. Both hard wired and wireless versions are available

Telephone based intercoms
A telephone based intercom makes a call over a landline or mobile network. You can then take the call on any phone in the property or a mobile phone. By pushing a key on your handset it is possible to open the gates from anywhere in the world! These systems are especially suitable for multi-user sites as they eliminate the need to run cables to each property.

Digital Keypads
Either as "stand alone" or integrated into the panel of an intercom they allow the entry of anyone knowing the code. Multiple codes can be used so individuals have their own code.

Security Gates
Electric Gates also gives a significant improvement in home security as they make it extremely difficult for intruders or unwanted callers to open the gates and gain access to your home, or even to approach the house.
Automation Equipment
In order to give reliable operation it is imperative that remote controlled gates use the highest quality equipment installed to the highest standard. Red Spot Security install market leading BFT gate automation products.

All automated gate installations comply with safety regulations with site-specific risk assessments being carried out where appropriate. Gates are equipped with safety devices to prevent gates closing on obstructions. Special consideration is given to sliding gate safety.


Gates provide security and privacy to your home. Browse the many gates we offer and allow Red Spot to provide and install your gate.