Can you afford not to secure your home?

Most people don’t realise that they need a home security system until it’s too late. A burglary doesn’t just mean that priceless things are stolen, it can also cause financial loss, huge disruption and turmoil. It can also have a significant emotional impact on your family too.
''A home is five times more likely to be burgled if it has no security in place than one that does.'' <Read More>

When getting a CCTV system installed in your property, it’s important to select the right company. Here at Red Spot Fire & Security, we are accredited by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). NSI is a recognised UK certification body for the security and fire protection industries.
By being accredited, we ensure that your Security System is professionally installed and maintained.
We have regular audits, where our management processes and technical expertise are checked. So you can have faith in our capabilities and competence.

We install CCTV and Security systems throughout the UK and have installed equipment in various places, ranging from small residential properties to large project managed installations. Our CCTV packages are bespoke for each client as no property or security is ever the same.
All of our CCTV and Security Systems are installed to the relevant European and British Standards. Maintenance Packages are also available for added security. Here are just a handful of the services we offer:

CCTV Installations
Security Installations
Access Control Installations
Door Entry Installations
Security Lighting Installations
CCTV Upgrades
Security System Upgrades

In a world where there are now so many different security options to choose from, we’re here to help. We can guide you on choosing the best system and software for your personal needs and requirements.


Property surveillance at a residential property used to be a luxury. Nowadays, it is a necessity. Protect your family and assets with a Red Spot CCTV system.